Andaman Sea Kayak

Andaman Sea Kayak has been providing sea canoe, rafting and speed boat tours since 1991. It specializes in Sea Kayak Day Trips where you will discover scenic, interesting caves and islets of Phang Nga Bay with the commitment to the preservation of our surrounding by providing an environment friendly experience.

At Andaman Sea Kayak, we 
  • Limit the number of tourists we take to Hong.
  • Use only fully educated guides, approved by The Tourism Authority of Thailand.
  • Employ local people with deep knowledge and understanding of the sea.
  • Make sure to remind our guests of the golden rules of the nature’s visitor.
    •     Don’t touch anything
    •     Don’t take anything
    •     Don’t leave anything

Phang-Nga Bay belong to the Andaman Sea who in turn belongs to the mightily Indian Ocean. Ao Phang-Nga( Ao=Thai language for Bay) has a surface of about 400 km2 and is, thanks to the heaven , since already 16 years a Thai National Marine Park. So by this no hotels, no resorts, no bars and no boutiques, no mass tourism. Only pure nature at its best!

These remnants, the islands, that you have seen today are called “karsts”. Vegetation on this marvelous limestone karsts must be able to withstand desiccation during dry season, almost a complete lack of soil and severe exposure to the elements. Animals too, need special adaptation to live in such a hostile environment.

Rain forests over here, as well as the unique limestone formations we are talking about, are technically “”tropical evergreen forests”, a remnant of a 160 million years old forest Eco-system that is much older than the Amazon in Southern America or the rain forests of Central Africa.


“HONG” Is the Thai word for Room. These hones are inland open-air tidal lagoons surrounded by sheer cliffs up to 1000 feet high. The only way in-out through the tidal window on the certain days. These windows may only be open for 15-20 minutes a day.

We can paddle the sea kayak through the tidal cave, entering in to lost world called “Hong”

“Sea Cave” The sea caves were the effected of the water erosion. The water erosion had a great effect on the bay’s islands.

But it is the rain water that had the most devastating effect. Fresh water pools on the top of the islands until it finds a crack and water works it’s way down into the rock eventually this crack grows into cave.


Limestone is calcium carbonate, which is generally white. Over millions of years, the skeletons from a constant rain of marine organisms, plus the chemical precipitation of yet more calcium carbonate build thick layers of sediment. Eventually, the heat and pressure of their own weight turn these strata, hundreds of meters thick, to stone.


10:00 - 11:00
Hotel pick-up by the A/C minibus or bus.
11:00 - 18:00

Arrive at Ao Por pier and depart for The National Park Phang Nga Bay.

  • Cruise to the beach, take the canoe and swim on the beach.
  • Arrive Phang Nga Bay. Paddle and explore 2 islands, enter caves 20 - 150m.
  • Buffet lunch served on board
  • Visit lagoons,
  • Drive-by the of the iconic James Bond Island
  • Arrive to Hong Island, snacks and BBQ served on the final trip back to the pier
18:00 - 19:00
Arrival Ao por pier and transfer to hotel.


Andaman Sea Kayak
Adult price 3,700 THB
Child price 1,850 THB
  • Land transfers
  • English speaking guide
  • lunch on board
  • Snack and soft drinks
  • National park fees
  • life vest
  • canoe with paddle guide
  • Insurance


  • Beach Towel
  • swimwear
  • sunscreen
  • camera
  • spending Money